Lesedi solar is 100% behind any initiative that help the environment. We strive to give quality applications and energy solutions to save the earth for future generations.Our aim is to generate energy for the future. Solar power remains the most secure source of energy for the future. We set global standards in achieving this goal.We are contractor for utility-scale solar power projects. Building on its extensive experience of medium – large scale solar projects, the company is well positioned to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing global solar market. With a strong in-house engineering capability, global scope and unmatched responsiveness, Lesedi Solar designs and delivers high quality solar projects for its clients across the country. The focus of Lesedi Solar’s activities is on its subsidiaries in the high-growth regions in Africa. Our subsidiaries on location are well established in their markets and have years of experience and competence in developing and constructing photovoltaic systems.


Lesedi solar is 100% black female owned and our vision to serve the nation without harming the planet. We make extensive use of the inexhaustible power of sun to generate electricity. This is how we shape the energy supply today for tomorrow.

Our Mission

Excellence is in our nature. Our wide range of products and services delivers tailored solutions for our customers. Our competence in consulting services and systems technology is compelling. Through our commitment, we create value for our customers, partners, employees and shareholders